The Wootown Brewers are a Homebrewing Club based in Northern Maryland. Membership is open to any person of legal drinking age.

Member expertise ranges from novice to seasoned brewers with 15+ years of experience. Many members enjoy all-grain brewing and others do a wonderful job with extract. We simply encourage members to brew better beer no matter which path they choose.

The benefits of membership include organized group brews 3-4 times per year, group trips and gatherings, and the fellowship and guidance of other brewers. Membership is only $25 per year, $35 for couples. Come on out and join, and share your brewing experiences with us.

For any questions or comments, please contact the Club President at president at wootown dot org

Please check our Calendar for upcoming events.

For more information on Barley Legal 4, the Wootown BJCP Homebrew competition, please visit the Barley Legal site by clicking the logo below